Fix email errors

Your hosting subscription provides a complimentary professional email service. If you encounter an email error, refer to the steps and fixes below.

99.9% of email error reports are due to the points listed below and not the service or hosting network being down. Review the steps provided to fix email errors quickly and efficiently.

A: Make sure your domain name’s DNS and MX records are correct

To have your email service work, your domain name’s DNS and MX records need to be pointed correctly.

1. Make sure your domain name is pointed to the Skystra nameservers
2. If you are using external nameservers, make sure your mail record is pointed to the correct IP Address
3. If you are using the Skystra nameservers on an external email service, review: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

B: Make sure the email address is created and exists

To have your email work, the email address needs to exist.

1. If you are creating an email address on a new domain name, go to: Add a domain name to your hosting account
2. To create an email address, go to: Create an email address

C: Access and log in to your email correctly

To access your email, you need to log in correctly.

1. Log in through your hosting control panel. Go here for steps: Log in to email
2. Log in through your internet browser using a webmail link. Go here for steps: Log in to email

D: Use correct login credentials

When logging in to email through webmail or connecting an email address to an email application on a device, you need to use the correct email login credentials.

1. Make sure you enter your email address correctly, review your email address for any typos or misspellings
2. Make sure you enter the correct email password. Forgot your email password? Go here: Reset email address password

E: Use the correct IMAP and SMTP settings on email applications

If you are adding your email address to an email application on a device, you need to use the correct settings.

1. Make sure your email application is connected to your email using the correct settings: IMAP and SMTP settings
2. If you are adding your email address on an email application on a device for the first time – use these steps:

F: Implement fixes to common email errors

If you are encountering an error on your email, implement fixes to email errors:

Most common email errors and fixes:

Other email errors and fixes:

G: Review email tracking log

To confirm your email is sending via the mail server, review email tracking log.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel
2. Click on the Email Tracking button
3. Select and fill in the email tracking fields:

  • Range: Select your date range, please note you can only select a date range of 7 day increments (168h total)
  • Domain: Type in the domain name associated to your email address
  • Address: Type in your email address
  • State: Do not select anything on this dropdown, you can leave it default
  • Show: On this dropdown, you can select Outbound or Inbound. If you want to review sent email, select Outbound. If you want to review received email, select Inbound

4. Click the Search button
5. You will get a full email log any email connected to the server that match your email tracking specifications, along with the following tags:

  • Delivered: The message has been successfully delivered
  • Failed: The message has not been successfully delivered

6. If you want additional information on a specific email delivery log, go to its row and under the Actions column, click on the i icon. This will provide you with a popup that includes all the email data from that log.

H: Review any overdue subscription payments

Your email may be down because of overdue invoices that requires payment to reactivate your services.

1. Log in to your Skystra user portal
2. Click on Billing from the menu and select My Invoices from the dropdown
3. Locate and find any unpaid invoices
4. Process your unpaid invoice
5. Allow a few moments for the system to process your service reactivation

I: Request a restore on a closed or canceled service

If you canceled or closed your hosting service in error, go here: Request restore on canceled or closed service