Transfer To Skystra

We've got your web hosting transfer covered. No stress, no mess. We'll move everything for you.


Just Like Magic

Switching to Skystra really is that easy. Here's how to do it.

1. Sign Up

Go to our website, select a hosting plan and sign up. Once you're signed up, your service will be automatically activated.

2. Submit Your Details

We'll send you a secure link in your welcome email. Click the link, fill in the requested info and our team will receive it.

3. Transfer

Relax and let us handle everything. We'll transfer your websites, emails, databases, DNS, WordPress themes, plugins, and all other data from your current hosting provider.

4. Complete

Before you know it, your transfer will be completed, and you'll be all set with everything running smoothly.

5. Enjoy Premium Hosting

Welcome to the party - you've officially transferred to Skystra and now enjoy premium hosting.


Embrace The SWITCH

Switching is easy. Choosing to switch... is the choice. Check out what Raul said when he embraced the switch. He was definitely nervous at first.

Spoiler Alert: We did the switch so well, he was super happy to talk about it.

Raul M. Traveler & Podcaster

I finally made the choice to switch after my website went down for the 8th time in a week. I was pretty nervous about losing all of my work, but I finally did it. Embraced the switch and I can just do my work again.


Why Choose Skystra?

Great web hosting doesn't need to be expensive. We believe in offering a great service at a price that saves you money.

Easy Transfer

Your website and email will stay online while we do the transfer. We do all the work, so you don't have to. Easy-Peasy.

No Gimmicks

Ever pay more for a service than you thought you would? Yup, it happens with big hosting. Not with us.

Save Money

High renewal fees squeeze you dry, and give your money to greedy investors to buy their yachts. Squeeze lemons, not wallets.



Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Months Free.


We've Got Answers

Having questions about transfers is normal. Everyone else does too. We've answered the most asked ones.

Once you’re signed up, you'll receive a welcome email. Click the secure link in your welcome email, fill in the required info and submit it. Our team will receive it and get started on your transfer.

Yes. We move everything that is hosted on your current provider. This includes all of  your websites, emails, databases, WordPress themes and plugins, plus all other data and settings.

Quickly. The faster we transfer you over, the quicker we can party, and you can enjoy premium hosting. 

Most transfers are completed within a few hours at most.





We meticulously test your website on our platform before the rest of the internet knows it's there. Like ninjas, we are experts at this.

Nothing will change. We simply copy everything as-is.

For most transfers, you don't need to, it will work right away. If you need different settings, we'll let you know.

Yes, all of your emails and folders will be transferred.

Yes. You can use any email app you'd like on all of your devices. We don't play favorites.

Yes. We only copy everything, we don't change anything on your current provider.

This is optional. Domains aren't part of web hosting. However, we do support domain registrations and transfers. If you want to bring your domain registrations over, we'll show you how.

Yes. We need an active hosting account to transfer your data for you. You can cancel your account at the old provider once the transfer is complete.