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High performance website and email hosting

Move your online presence to our cloud hosting platform and benefit from improved speed, reliability and amazing customer service.


Websites that move to our platform load up to 47% faster


Your website will stay online by hosting on our platform

Customer Service

Customer service is everything, we love our customers

Cloud hosting for everyone

Join the thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives on the leading cloud hosting platform

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10 GB SSD Storage

High performance Solid-state drive storage.

Global Connectivity

Bandwidth for your account is unmetered and connects across the world.

Professional Email

Use your own custom domain name to create professional email addresses.

Web Application Firewall

Actively protect your website from hacks and malicious attacks.

Website Hosting

$ 4.95
Free Standard SSL

Your website will include a free Standard SSL certificate.

Free Migration

We will move all of your website and emails for free, with no downtime or interruptions.

WordPress Optimized

The Skystra cloud hosting platform is optimized to host WordPress with fast loading times.

1-Click App Installer

Install over 100+ of the most popular web applications including Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop and many more.

7-Day Free Trial

Get a 7-day free trial on our cloud hosting platform.

Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Domain Aliases
Domain Redirects
DNS Zone Editor

Easily update the main DNS records for your domain including A, CNAME, TXT, MX records and more.

FTP Accounts
File Manager
1-Click Testing Site

Test and produce new content on test websites you can create with 1-click.

SSH Terminal Access

Command line interface to manage your website and applications.

Managed WordPress

Manage features and tools like staging, testing, security and performance of your WordPress website.

WordPress Smart Updates

AI-powered smart update engine to monitor your WordPress updates.

WordPress Multisite

Command line interface to control and manage your WordPress website.

Email Forwarders
Catch-All Email

Catch all un-routed email to your domain.

Email Autoresponders

Access your email from any browser and any device.

MySQL Databases
Multiple PHP Versions

Select from multiple PHP versions, including all recently released ones. 

PHP Options Manager

Control and manage your various PHP options such as max_execution_time, max_upload and others.

Cron Jobs
IP Blocker

Block any malicious IP addresses or specific countries from accessing your website.

CDN Integration

We integrate with all leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers.

Multi-User Manager

Delegate access to your developer, content creator or anyone else with granular access control to your account.

Other services

Managed WordPress

Fast, secure and fully optimized WordPress websites that are simple to set up and operate to help grow your online presence.

Get top speeds, reliability and uptime on our Managed WordPress platform with access to tools like a 1-click installer, staging and smart updates to keep your WordPress up to date and secure.


1-click testing

Create a staging WordPress website to test changes with 1-click.

Smart updates

AI-powered update engine to monitor critical WordPress updates.

High performance

Improve SEO and visitor experience with better pagespeed scores.

Ecommerce Hosting

Expand your online store with a platform that is optimized for speed, security and scalability.

Access popular Ecommerce apps like WooCommerce, PrestaShop and OpenCart. These platforms include tools for calculating real-time shipping rates, processing payments, accepting multiple currencies and more.


Multiple apps

Choose among the best Ecommerce applications on the market.

Unlimited products

Add unlimited products to sell online and add value.

No transaction fees

No extra transaction fees on sales and access to all payment gateways.

Grid Hosting

Dedicated resources for high traffic websites. Your website will benefit from having multiple next generation CPU cores. Along with those CPU cores, you will have error-correcting memory assigned solely to your account. 

Benefit from the performance of Solid-state drives, low latency memory, high frequency CPU cores and dedicated cloud architecture.



Designed from the ground up to provide the fastest loading times.


Redundancy for dependability and solid uptime guarantee.


Add more dedicated resources within seconds to scale traffic.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting for your website and email

Build your website, register your domain name and get professional email all on one high-performance platform designed to power your online presence.

Join thousands of website owners

We never ask for reviews, just being our customer is more than enough for us

They transferred my site, domain(s), SAVED ME MONEY, and reduced my stress levels.
Kitty Bradshaw


I am impressed! Also VERY thankful. Great job - very happy I made this change!
Chuck Hooper


They migrated my sites for free and everything was up and running really fast.
Jennifer Pinkley


I'm already so impressed with their speedy and personalized customer service!
Shea Jordan


Due to their professionalism and commitment it only took a few hours to switch.
Jamie Harms


@skystracloud is awesome! Great service, and their support is top notch! Recommend them.
Danny Brown



High Performance

Your website needs to be fast and our platform delivers. Improve your SEO and visitor experience with better page speed scores and low latency connections.

Our platform is constantly monitored, maintained and updated to keep your website pages loading fast.


Having your website online and running well is our top priority. If your website is down, that means lost conversions, sales, SEO and more.

We understand how important your website being online is, and our teams work around the clock to ensure uptime and reliability.


Next generation cloud hosting platform

Speed. Reliability. Secure.

47% Faster

Everyone loves a fast website. Improve the speed of your website loading times by up to 47% when you move it to Skystra.


The Skystra cloud infrastructure runs on the latest hardware and software. We constantly monitor the performance of our servers and software, ensuring a reliable and stable service.


All services on our cloud hosing platform are protected with a web application firewall. Security patches are tested and installed promptly. Your data is safe with us.


We move your website and email within hours

Our team has been migrating websites and email for years. We treat each migration as if we were moving our own data.

We’ll handle everything related to the migration, keep you up to date and let you know once it’s completed.


Our cloud hosting platform supports all major applications. On the right are some applications our customers use most frequently and you can access for your online presence.


The world's most popular content management system


Open-source PHP web content management system


All PHP applications are supported by our platform


A leading alternative content management system


One of the most popular PHP frameworks


Easy to use Ecommerce application

24x7 Customer Service

Our customer service team works 24×7 and we’re available to help and answer any questions or requests you have. 

Our team is global and always works in their local day time hours to provide you with the best in class service experience.


Our focus is always on providing the most amazing experience. This includes our customer service team. Everyone working here puts the customer first, always.

Problem Solving

Solving your problem is our main customer service goal. Contact us at any time, and we will help solve your website and email questions or challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most websites fully load within 1.5 seconds on our platform.

We’re a solid, reliable cloud hosting platform with a team that has been in the web hosting industry for 23 years. We know how to host websites and support our customers. 

We migrate websites and emails within hours. Usually, our migration service completes a full account transfer in 2 hours or less. To learn more, please visit our Migration Service page.

Yes! We will migrate your website(s) and email(s) to our platform. Our migrations specialists will move over any data you require. To learn more, please visit our Migration Service page.

$0. We will migrate all of your website(s) and/or email(s) over to our platform for free. To learn more, please visit our Migration Service page.

We support the vast majority of all PHP and MySQL applications. We also support the ability to host HTML websites.

Yes, we offer a standard SSL certificate for free on all plans and services. 

We’re available 24×7 to answer your questions. Start a live chat with us or go to our Contact page for additional ways to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to connect and answer your questions.

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