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Frequently Asked Questions

SSL certificates are automatically installed on our platform. They might take up to an hour to be installed, as it is a scheduled action that happens at the :30 minute mark, every hour.  After pointing your domain to our nameservers, no action is required on your part to enable an SSL certificate on your website.

If it’s a WordPress website, errors commonly occur from plugin and/or theme updates. Review your settings first and if you have any additional questions, reach out and our team will help you out.

You can submit a migration request to our team directly from your client portal.

If you know which plan you’d like to upgrade to, you can can upgrade directly on your client portal. If you have some questions about your usage and need a recommendation on which plan would suit you best, reach out and our team will help you out.

We support the vast majority of all PHP and MySQL applications. We also support the ability to host HTML websites.

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