Create a screen capture and video link

This guide provides steps on how to record your screen and share it via Streamable on both iOS and Windows devices. The specifics can slightly vary depending on the version of the operating system you are using. A) Create a Streamable account The first step is to create a free account at Streamable. This is […]

Manage your wp-config.php file

The wp-config.php file is a configuration file for WordPress, containing essential settings such as database connection information and unique authentication keys. 1. Log in to your hosting control panel 2. Click on the File Manager button 3. Double-click on the domains folder 4. Find your website folder and double-click on it 5. Double-click on the public_html folder 6. Find the wp-config.php file and right-click […]

Change your website name

Changing a website name involves changing the domain name connected to it, which is the URL used to access the website. ⚠️ Please note these are general guidelines and each website name change scenario will vary. You can follow the entire guide or go directly to the section or steps that pertain to your task […]

Create a temporary development website and convert it to your main website

A temporary development domain name is a subdomain used by website developers to create a new version of a website without affecting the existing site on the main domain. After the development is finished, the temporary development domain name can be switched to the main domain to replace the old website with the newly built […]

Green wheel loading on website explained

The green wheel loading on a website is triggered by the firewall security system detecting bot or automated traffic on your website. The green wheel you see is the firewall preventing potential bots from taking down your website. If you see a green wheel loading on a website, the firewall has detected bot-like activity from […]

Add reCAPTCHA to website contact form

reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps protect website contact forms from spam and abuse by distinguishing human users from automated software, using tests that are easy for humans to solve but challenging for bots. Instructions to add reCAPTCHA on a WordPress website contact form 1. Login to your WordPress dashboard 2. Install […]

Fix common website errors (‘website down’)

If your website appears down, refer to the steps and fixes below. 99.9% of website down reports are due to the points listed below and not the service or hosting network being down. Review the steps provided to fix a website down quickly and efficiently. A: Make sure your domain name’s nameservers and DNS are […]

Find a website developer or designer

A website developer is a professional skilled in the development of websites, focusing on website functionality and operations. A website designer is a professional who focuses on the visual layout, user interface and aesthetic aspects of a website. You can find and hire a website developers and website designers from several online platforms. Please keep […]

Cache plugins for WordPress websites

A cache plugin is a tool used on WordPress websites that can enhance overall site performance by temporarily storing website data in a cache. There are a few popular and free caching plugins for available WordPress websites. Please keep in mind that the cache plugins listed are not endorsements and should any incompatibilities or errors […]

Check for plugin and theme conflicts on WordPress

WordPress plugin and theme conflicts occur when a plugin or theme behaves unexpectedly or causes errors due to incompatibilities with other plugins, themes or the WordPress core itself. You can use a free WordPress plugin to detect for plugin and theme conflicts. 1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard2. Click on Plugins 3. Go to […]