Install WordPress on a domain name or subdomain

WordPress is a website and content building tool that allows you to create websites.

You can install WordPress on a domain name from your hosting control panel.

1. You need to register the domain name you’d like to install WordPress on. You can register a new domain name directly from your Skystra portal.

2. Once registered, make sure the nameservers and/or DNS are pointed properly, and wait a few hours for DNS to propagate. If you registered your domain name through your Skystra portal, nameservers and propagation are automatic.

3. Login to your hosting control panel

4. Make sure the domain name is added to your hosting control panel by clicking the down arrow  next to your 🌐 domain name and choosing the domain you want to manage. If you don’t see your domain name listed, add the domain name to your hosting control panel – if you only have one domain name, it will be there by default and you do not need to add it.

5. Click on the WordPress Manager button

6. Click on the Install button

7. Under Choose Installation URL – click the dropdown and select the domain name you want to install WordPress on

8. Scroll down to the Admin Account section. You will have secure and randomized Admin Username and Admin Password auto-generated for you. You can keep these in place or update it to your own versions. Whichever you decide, make sure to note down these credentials in a secure spot.

9. Type in your Admin Email – this can be any email address that is your own

10. Double check the fields and once ready, click on the Install button

11. You will get a confirmation screen. On this screen, take note and save your Administrative URL – this is often called your WordPress Admin or ‘wp-admin’ login. If you want to login to WordPress dashboard from your browser, you will use the Administrative URL along with your Admin Username and Admin Password. You can also log into your WordPress dashboard from your WordPress Manager using the single-sign on method

12. You can now log in to your WordPress dashboard on your browser or through your WordPress Manager, and you will be able to start building your website on WordPress.

If you see an SSL security warning or your WordPress dashboard does not load right away – this would mean DNS is still propagating on your new domain name and/or the SSL is in the process of being activated.

Please allow a period of approximately 30 minutes to an hour to pass, before attempting to log in again.