Create a new website

If you’d like to create a new website, follow the steps below.

1. Verify hosting subscription

If your existing plan is for single-domain hosting, you can either subscribe to a new hosting plan, or upgrade to a multi-domain hosting plan.*

*Note: If you already have a multi-domain hosting plan, you can skip down directly to Step 2 (2.) below.

Subscribe to a new hosting plan

  • Subscribe to a new hosting plan

Upgrade existing plan to multi-domain hosting

  • If you have multiple hosting services, select the correct one from the dropdown. If you only have one hosting service, it will be selected by default.
  • Click on the Upgrade/Downgrade button
  • All plans listed will be multi-domain, pick one and click its Choose Product button to complete your upgrade to multi-domain. The upgrade is automatic and your hosting subscription is now multi-domain enabled.

2. Register your new domain name (or update nameservers)

  • You can register your domain name with us from your customer portal. Click on Domains (top menu) and then the + Add New button. By registering your domain name with us, your domain’s nameservers will be set up for you and accessible instantly. Once registered, you can move to Step 3 (3.) below.
  • If you’ve registered your domain name at an external provider, update the nameservers to the Skystra nameservers and allow up to 24 hours for propagation and SSL activation after the updating nameservers before moving to Step 3.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If you use an external email service on your domain name, see the information below.

If you are using Google Workspace email – Click Here
If you are using Microsoft 365 email – Click Here

For any other email service provider, you will have to reach out to that provider in order to obtain the proper MX records to input for your domain name.

3. Add your new domain name to your hosting account

  • Click on the Domains button
  • Click on the + Add New button
  • Type in your domain name next to the Domain: field and click the Create button
  • You’ll get a confirmation message and then see your new domain name listed

4. Install WordPress (or any other app) on your new domain name

Now that your new domain name is connected to your hosting account, you can install WordPress, or any other available app, to start building your website.

In our example, we will install WordPress on the domain name to create a new website.

  • From your hosting control panel, click on the WordPress Manager button
  • Click the Install button
  • Click the arrow to reveal the dropdown, select your domain name, review the Admin Email and then click the Install button
  • Once the installation is completed, click the Return to WordPress Management button
  • Click the Login button to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard* to create your new website.

*Note: If you registered your domain name externally and updated nameservers, the login button will only work once the new nameservers have propagated on your internet connection.