Create domain alias

A domain alias is a domain that brings visitors to the same website as a different domain without needing a separate website.

Domain aliases can be helpful for a range of scenarios:

  • Brand Protection: If you have “” as your main website, you can register similar domains like “” or “” and set them as aliases to prevent competitors from using them and to make sure that visitors reach your site no matter which version they type or come across online.
  • Marketing Campaigns: If you’re running a special promotion, you might have a catchy domain like “” as an alias, so it’s easier for customers to remember and type, but it still leads them to your main website.
  • Spelling Mistakes: It’s very common for users to make typos when typing a domain name into an address bar on their browsers. For example, if we have “” – it may be helpful to create an alias for “” – so that users get automatically redirected to “”, even if they forget to put in the m at the end.

To create a domain name alias, you require a registered domain name. Once registered, you can create a domain alias from your hosting control panel.

1. You need to register the domain name you’d like to make an alias. You can register a new domain name directly from your Skystra user portal.

2. Once registered, make sure the nameservers and/or DNS are pointed properly, and wait a few hours for DNS to propagate. If you registered your domain name through your Skystra portal, nameservers and propagation are automatic.

3. Login to your hosting control panel

4. Click on the Domain Aliases button

5. From the Domain: field, make sure to select the domain name you want to create the domain alias for.

6. Click on the + Create Domain Pointer button

7. In the source domain field, type in your domain alias. The target domain will be pre-set to the website you want all traffic from your domain alias redirected to. Click the Create button.

8. You can now load up your domain name alias on your browser and you will see it redirect automatically to your target domain (main website).

If you see an SSL security warning – this would mean DNS is still propagating on your new domain name and/or the SSL is in the process of being activated.

Please allow a period of approximately 15 minutes to an hour to pass, before checking again on an Incognito browser window.