Create a new database

A database is where your website or web app keeps and organizes its information that is displayed online.

You can create a database within your hosting control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. If you have multiple domain names, click on your domain name next to the Domain: field to select the one you’d like to create a database for from the dropdown

3. Click on the MySQL Databases button

4. Click the + Create New Database button

5. On the next page, type in your Database Name. This will automatically be your Database User – unless you uncheck the ticked box next to Same as database name. In the password field, generate a new password and/or input your own. If generating one, click the dice ⚁ ⚁ on the left hand side and the system will generate one for you. Then, click on the eye icon to the right 👁️ to reveal it. 

6. Note down your Database Name, Database User and Database Password somewhere safe or in your password manager as a secure note, you will need these details to place into your website or web app configuration file. Once noted down, click on the Create Database button.

7. You will get a popup confirmation message once your database has been created. The popup will display your database credentials again, if you haven’t done so already, note these details down in a secure spot. Once noted, you can click the Close button.

8. Once you’ve created your database, you can now access it through phpMyAdmin – where you can import your existing database file into it. You would then use the database credentials to connect your database to your website or web app.