Use SkipDNS to test your website

SkipDNS is a tool that lets you to test your website on different IP addresses. After a website has been migrated to a new server, SkipDNS can simulate how it will load on the new server, prior to you making any nameserver or DNS record changes.

SkipDNS is an external third-party software and service, intended only for testing purposes only. The accuracy or compatibility of web elements displayed is never guaranteed.

1. Locate your hosting account IP address
2. Go to the SkipDNS website
3. In the hosted on field, enter the IP address of your hosting account. Please note the IP address shown in the visual below is just an example, you must use the IP address of your hosting account.

4. In the under field, enter your website domain name. Please note is our example domain name, you must use the domain name of your website.

5. Click on the Go button

6. SkipDNS will generate a temporary unique preview link that will route to your website via the specified IP address, it is only valid for 5 minutes. Click the Open button.

7. Click the Yes. Proceed with proxy. button

8. Preview your website on the SkipDNS link, remember, it will automatically disable after 5 minutes.