Pinterest website verification

Website verification on Pinterest is the process of proving ownership of your website, which allows you to unlock additional features like Pinterest Analytics and the ability to have your logo or profile picture appear on Pins from your site.

If you’d like help to get your website verified via Pinterest, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Skystra user portal
2. Click on Services from the menu

3. Click on View Available Addons from the Actions list

4. Locate Pinterest Website Verification and click on the Add to Cart button (Note: The /ot next to the indicated price refers to one-time, as in a one-time payment)

5. Complete the checkout process
6. Our team will get in touch on next steps

If you’d like to complete your Pinterest website verification on your own, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Pinterest account with your login credentials
2. Access Settings by clicking on the downward arrow at the top right and selecting it from the menu

3. From the menu, click on Claimed accounts

4. Next to Websites, click on the Claim button

5. From the Choose how you want to claim popup, click the Download button from the Upload HTML file section

6. Now, leave your browser window open on the Pinterest page and locate the downloaded Pinterest HTML file on your computer (normally this goes to the Downloads folder)

7. Open a new browser window and open this guide: Upload files to public_html – follow all of the steps to upload the Pinterest HTML file to your website public_html folder

8. Once you’ve uploaded the Pinterest HTML file to your public_html folder, return to the Pinterest page, and click the Continue button

9. Type in your website full URL starting with www. in the provided field and click the Verify button

7. You’ll get a Connected confirmation message, click the Done button

8. You’ll now see your website claimed on your Pinterest account and they will also send you a confirmation email