Upload files to public_html

Each domain name connected to your hosting account has a public_html folder within the file manager. Public_html is the folder where website files are stored to be accessible on the internet.

You can upload files to your domain name’s public_html folder to make them accessible and readable on the internet.

You can upload different file formats to the public_html folder of your domain name for varying purposes from your hosting control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. Click on the File Manager button

3. Double click the domains folder

4. Locate your domain name’s folder and double click it. If you have multiple domain names, you will see multiple folders listed. In our example, we only have one domain name.

5. Inside your domain name’s folder, you will see a public_html folder, double click to open it up.

6. Now you are in your domain name’s public_html folder. At this point, you can upload files to your domain’s public_html folder. Click the [+] button on the left hand side to get the file upload popup window.

7. Drag and drop your file into the file upload popup and click the Upload button.

8. Once the file has finished uploading, you will see it marked at 100%. If you’d like to continue uploading files, click the button. If you’re done, you can click the X button to close the file upload popup.

9. You will now see your uploaded file in your domain name’s public_html folder.