Fix the 404 Not Found error

The 404 Not Found error typically means that a web page or file does not exist on your hosting account or has been moved without redirecting the old URL to the new one. To fix the 404 not found error, use the steps below in sequential order.

A. Reset permalinks

If you have a WordPress website, resetting permalinks can be a solution to fix the 404 not found error.

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
2. Hover over Settings from the menu
3. Click on Permalinks from the dropdown

4. Take note of your current selected permalinks structure

5. Now, select a different permalinks structure (it can be any other structure, besides your current one – this is to reset it)

6. Click the Save Changes button under the Optional section

7. Now, re-select your original permalinks structure

8. Click the Save Changes button

9. Refresh and re-load your website

B. Check your website URL

1. Ensure the URL is typed correctly in your internet browser
2. Try retyping the address or using a search engine to find the correct page

C. Check for dead links and redirect them

1. Use a tool to check for dead links on your site
2. Correct any broken links or set up redirects if you’ve moved content

If your website is built on WordPress, you can use:

If you have a non-WordPress website, you can use: