Fix common errors on the Jetpack plugin

Generally speaking, we recommend disabling the JetPack plugin on your WordPress website and finding alternative plugins for the specific functions you require on your website.

If you’d like to keep Jetpack on your website, here are some common errors and fixes on a general guideline basis. For specific code and plugin errors triggered by the Jetpack plugin, please contact their development team.

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin containing several features. However, Jetpack can be a problematic plugin that triggers several errors on WordPress websites.

Here is a list of common errors that Jetpack can create on WordPress websites:

  • Performance: Jetpack is a highly resource-intensive plugin, potentially slowing down your website
  • False downtime: Frequent downtime false positives, alerting your website is down when it is in fact up
  • Compatibility: There may be conflicts with other plugins or themes, causing website functionality issues
  • Image malfunctions: The built-in Jetpack CDN causes website images not to load or load slow

Error: False downtime alerts

Jetpack has a Monitor feature to alert you when your site goes down. However, there may be several instances where you receive false alerts of downtime when your site is actually up and running.

The false downtime alerts are often triggered because of connection issues between your Jetpack and or the JetPack CDN network. The first step is to check your website independently on your own browser to confirm if is up or down. You’ll also want to reset the JetPack and connection:

1. Go to Jetpack > My Jetpack > Connection

2. Scroll down to Connection
3. Next to Site connected. Click on Manage

4. Click on Disconnect JetPack and the Disconnect button

5. Click on the Connect button to reconnect Jetpack to your site

Error: Unable to connect to

One common problem you may encounter on Jetpack creates is difficulty connecting the Jetpack plugin to a account, which is required for the Jetpack plugin to work.

1. Check your website is publicly accessible, Jetpack requires this to function. If your site is on maintenance mode (under construction), Jetpack won’t be able to connect

2. If your website is public and available, try disabling all other plugins and switching to a default WordPress theme to rule out any plugin compatibility conflicts

Error: Slow website

Given that Jetpack packs in many features into one plugin, the code base is bloated and is a significant cause in creating a slow and inefficient website loading time.

Consider deactivating the Jetpack plugin and replacing it with alternative plugins that cater to each individual function required for your website. If keeping Jetpack, it is beneficial to deactivate the modules you do not use with the steps:

1. Go to Jetpack > Settings
2. Deactivate all features you do not use under all of listed tabs

You can also enhance the speed of your website by reviewing this guide: Fix a slow website

Error: Incorrect statistics

Sometimes Jetpack statistics do not display accurately. The first step is to clear your browser cache and re-check, if that doesn’t work, you can reset the Site Stats module:

1. Go to Jetpack > Settings
2. Click on the Traffic tab

3. Deactivate the Site Stats modules under JetPack Stats
4. Wait a few moments, then reactivate the Site Stats module

Error: Website images do not load

The Image Accelerator module in Jetpack, which serves images from the CDN is prone to error and can cause images on your website not to load. The first step is to clear your browser cache and re-check, if that doesn’t work, you can reset the Image Accelerator module:

1. Go to Jetpack > Settings > Performance

2. In the Performance & speed section, toggle off Enable site accelerator
3. Wait a few moments, then toggle on Enable site accelerator again to reset it
4. Re-check your website for the images, if they’re still not loading, keep the site accelerator module disabled (toggled off)

Error: Publicize not working

Publicize, a feature that automatically shares your posts on social media, might stop working occasionally.

1. Go to Jetpack > Settings > Sharing and disconnect, then reconnect your social media accounts from under Jetpack Social connections

2. If the problem continues, it might be due to a plugin conflict. Deactivate other plugins on your website one by one to find out if there’s a conflict.