Manage A records

An A record is a type of DNS record that connects your domain name to an IP address, telling the internet where to find your website or specific DNS entry tied to your domain name.

You can manage A records from your hosting control panel if your domain name is using the Skystra nameservers. However, if you are using an external DNS and/or CDN provider (Cloudflare, etc.) on external nameservers – your A records would be managed at that provider.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel
2. From the top menu, next to the Domain: field and select the domain name you want to manage

3. Click on the DNS Zones button

4. You will see a series of A records listed (look for A under the Type column, these are A records)

5. To edit an existing A record, click on the pencil icon to the right-hand side. On the Edit Record popup, edit the IP address in the Value field, then click the Save button to apply changes.

6. To add a new A record, click the Add Record button. On the Add Record popup, A record will be pre-selected for you, type in the Name and Value (IP Address) of your A record and click the Add button.

If you’d like to manage A records on subdomains, continue to Step 7.

If you have created a subdomain for your domain name, the A records for the subdomain will be managed from the same area.

7. Go to your hosting control panel main page and click on the Subdomains button

8. Note down the prefix of your subdomain, for example, if your subdomain is – the prefix is hello

9. Return to the DNS Zone management page for your domain. You will see two A records per subdomain, one with only the prefix and the other with www. and prefix. As an example, for the subdomain, there will be an A record for hello. and another for www.hello – you will have to update both of these entries to update the A records for your subdomain.