Apply a credit balance on an invoice

If you have a credit balance on your account, you can apply it as a statement credit to pay for service renewals.

A: Check your credit balance amount

The first step is to check your credit balance amount.

1. Log in to your Skystra user portal
2. At the top, locate the bell 🔔 icon

3. You will see your credit balance amount indicated next to You have a credit balance of

B: Check your service renewal date

The next step is to check your service renewal date(s).

1. Open and follow the steps in this guide: View service renewal dates
2. Note down your upcoming service renewal date, closest to the date you are checking
3. From your next service renewal date, subtract 7 days exactly – this will be the service renewal invoice generation date, here is an example:

  • Service renewal date: December 19, 2023
  • Invoice generation date: December 12, 2023

4. Note down your invoice generation date and set a timer or reminder to log into your customer portal on that date

C: Apply credit balance to your invoice

The next step is to apply your credit balance as a statement credit to your invoice.

1. On your invoice generation date, log in to your Skystra user portal
2. Click on Billing and then My Invoices from the dropdown

3. Locate your service renewal invoice, it should be marked as Unpaid. Click directly on your invoice to open it up.

4. On your invoice, locate the Apply Credit section. Specify the amount to apply to the invoice in the Enter the amount to apply field, this will be automatically adjusted to the invoice total and/or credit balance total.

5. After you’ve specified the amount, click the Apply Credit button. If your credit balance covers the entire invoice, there is nothing else to do. If it does not, you can process the remaining balance immediately with your default credit card on file or leave it to process automatically by the system on the invoice due date.