View WordPress website database name

A WordPress database name is the title given to the specific database where all of a WordPress website’s content and settings are stored.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel
2. Click on the File Manager button

3. Double click on the domains folder

4. Locate your website folder and double click on it

5. Double click on the public_html folder

6. Locate the wp-config.php file and right-click on it

7. From the dropdown, select Edit

8. Locate the section called:

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

9. Right under this line, you will find the name of your database. In this example, the name of the database is skystrahelp_wp282

/** The name of the database for WordPress */ define( 'DB_NAME', 'skystrahelp_wp282' );

Here is an example of what the section looks like inside of a wp-config.php file: