Create a subdomain

A subdomain is a subsection of a main domain, normally used to organize or navigate to different areas of a website. For example, could be a subdomain of dedicated to online shopping.

You can create a subdomain for any domain name connected to your hosting service from your control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. Click the down arrow  next to your 🌐 domain name and choose the domain you want to manage

3. Click on the Subdomains button

4. Click on + Add Subdomain

5. In the Subdomain field, type in your subdomain prefix. In our example, we want to create, therefore we will type in shop (Note: Leave the Document Root selected as Default).

6. Click the Add Subdomain button

7. You will see your subdomain created

8. If you are using the Skystra nameservers on your main domain, you can start using your subdomain right away. If you use an external DNS or CDN provider, create or update the DNS entry for the subdomain to point it to your hosting account IP address, and allow 24 hours for DNS propagation.

9. If you’d like to build a new website on your subdomain, go here: Install WordPress on your subdomain