Connect to your hosting account using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method for transferring and managing files between your device and hosting account.

Recommendation: If managing files yourself, use SFTP. For external users, FTP is recommended.

To connect your device to your hosting account using FTP, you need a file transfer application and an FTP account. You can create an FTP account from your hosting control panel.

1. Download and install a file transfer application on your computer if not already done. FileZilla is a recommended free and user-friendly option.

2. Log in to your hosting control panel

3. Click the down arrow âˆ¨ next to your ðŸŒ domain name and choose the domain you want to manage

4. Click on the FTP Accounts button

5. Click on + Create FTP Account

6. On the FTP account page, complete these fields:

  • FTP Username: Type in your FTP username prefix. The prefix is the part before the @ symbol in your FTP username. For example, if we want to create an FTP account called [email protected], the prefix is ftp
  • Enter Password: Generate a new password or input your own. If generating one, click the dice icon ⚁ ⚁ on the left side, and the system will generate one. To reveal the password, click on the eye icon 👁️ to the right. Note down your password on a secure note or in your password manager.

7. The next section presents four permission levels. By default, an FTP account is granted Domain level access, allowing access solely to its associated domain. This is the recommended setting. To grant access to all domain names on your hosting account, select the FTP permission level. After choosing a permission level, click the Create button.

8. Once you’ve created the FTP account, you will get a popup that shows you the FTP account credentials. Take note of these credentials on a secure note.

9. Open a new session on your file transfer application and put the credentials below into each field:

Important: The order and naming of fields will vary depending on the file transfer application.

  • Hostname (Server Name): Your domain name*⚠️
  • Username: Your FTP username
  • Password: Your FTP password
  • Port: 21

⚠️*Note: Use your domain name as the FTP hostname (server name) only if it points to our network via the Skystra nameservers. Otherwise, with external nameservers or a CDN provider like Cloudflare, use your hosting account IP Address as the hostname.