Manage spam filters

Spam filters are like security guards for your inbox, checking emails for signs of junk or unwanted content and stopping them before they clutter up your email mailbox.

You can manage spam filters from your hosting control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel
2. Click on the Spam Filters button

3. Under the Block By column, click the arrow ▼ to reveal the dropdown

4. You’ll have four different spam filter options:

  • E-mail: This will block all email from a specific email address
  • Domain: This will block all email from a specific domain name
  • Stop word: This will block all email containing a specific word*
    *Note: Be prudent with using stop word spam filters. For example, if you block the word ‘put’ – then any email containing the word ‘computer’ would also be blocked.
  • Size: This will block all email above a specific valued you will input

5. Select a spam filter from the dropdown, in our example, we’ll choose E-mail

6. Fill in the spam filter parameter in the Value column

7. Click the Block button

8. You will see your spam filter listed

You also have additional Options:

  • Adult Filter: This will block all email with common adult phrases
  • Action for filter matches: You can choose the action your mailbox will perform when spam filters are triggered