Create an email forwarder

An email forwarder automatically sends all messages received at one email address to a different one.

You can create an email forwarder from your hosting control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. If you have multiple domain names, click on your domain name next to the Domain: field to select the one you’d like to manage from the dropdown

3. Click on the Email Forwarders button

4. Click on + Create E-mail Forwarder

5. In the New Forwarder Name field, type in the prefix of your email address you want to forward emails from. As an example, for the email address: [email protected] – the prefix is hello

6. Click the + Add button

7. Under the Add Destination field, type in the full email address you want to forward emails to

8. Click the + Add button

9. Review your email forwarder and click the Create button

10. Your email forwarder will now be active and listed on your Forwarders page