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Earn money promoting the best WordPress platform!

Our referral payouts are among the highest in the industry. You will receive 50% of your referral's subscription. We appreciate every new customer you send our way and cash payouts are one way to show that. Limitless earnings, no caps or minimums. The more you send, the more you earn.
Become a Skystra Affiliate and earn money promoting the best WordPress platform.
Earn money by referring Skystra's services to your network.
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Earn cash by referring Skystra's services.
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By referring Skystra's services, you can earn money.
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Perks and Benefits


As our Affiliate Partner, you have 100% flexibility over your work and schedule. Promote when you want, on your own schedule.

Feature Requests

You refer our services and get feedback from your network. We listen and develop the most requested features.


Our Affiliate Program is straightforward and gives you freedom to earn - you refer us, your referral signs up and then you get paid.


You get paid for every referral you send our way. We want you to be successful and make it as easy as possible to send us referrals. Payouts can be cash, credits or even rewards.

Unlimited Potential

We don't have any caps or required minimums to referrals or amounts you get paid for sending us referrals. Partnerships are about being mutually beneficial, we're in it together.


Our knowledgeable and service-focused Affiliates team will work with you on your referral bonuses. Need a resources to boost your sales? We can get it done.

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Apply to be our affiliate partner using the form on this page. If we're a good match, our team will reach out and send you an affiliate partner link.

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Once you have your affiliate partner link, you are ready to start spreading the word and sharing it across your network! The more you share, the more you can earn.

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Commissions are a beautiful thing. Every sign up you send our way earns you 50% of the referral's subscription fee. No caps, no minimums, just straight cash into your pocket!

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