Change your domain name contact information

The contact information on your domain name, also known as WHOIS or domain registrant information, includes your name, organization (if applicable), address, email, and phone number.

To successfully change your domain’s contact information, check your domain meets the following requirements:

✔️ Your domain is active and not expired
✔️ Your domain is older than 60 days
✔️ Your domain had no registrar transfers in the last 60 days
✔️ Your domain had no prior contact information changes in the last 60 days

Once you’ve checked your domain name is eligible, you can change its contact information using the steps below. If you have multiple domains, the contact information must be updated one by one.

1. Log in to your Skystra user portal

2. Click on Domains from the main menu

3. Find your domain name and click the 3 dots … to the right of it

4. Click on Manage Domain from the dropdown

5. Click on Contact Information

6. Updated your contact information for any required fields within all the contact information boxes:

  • Registrant
  • Admin
  • Tech
  • Billing

7. Once you’ve made your required changes, scroll down and click the Save Changes button

⚠️ Note: After submitting contact information changes, you may need to approve them via email. If so, you must approve for updates to take effect.

8. After updating your contact information, ICANN (the international regulatory body for domains) will place a 60-day lock on your domain to prevent subsequent:

  • Contact information changes
  • Domain transfer requests