Change domain name contact information

Domain name registrant information, commonly known as WHOIS data, is the contact information associated to a domain name registration. You can modify your domain name registrant information from your Skystra user portal using the steps below.

As per ICANN regulations, to modify domain registrant information, the domain must be:
 An active and non-expired domain name
→ At minimum 60-days out from its first date of registration or last transfer initiation date

As per ICANN regulations, after domain registrant information is changed, the domain will be:
→ Placed on an automatic 60-day lock period from any new domain registrant information changes
→ Placed on an automatic 60-day lock period from any domain transfer requests

If your domain name is registered and held in your Skystra account, you can update your domain name contact information from your Skystra portal.

1. Log in to your Skystra user portal
2. Click on Domains from the main menu

3. Locate your domain name and click the 3 dots … to the right of it
4. Click on Manage Domain from the dropdown

5. Click on Contact Information

6. Updated your contact information* for all the fields under Registrant, Admin, Tech and Billing

*Note: If you have ID protection (domain privacy) enabled on your domain name, your new details will continue to be masked on public domain records.

7. Review your contact information and click the Save Changes button

Depending on the type of contact information changes requested, you may receive an email to approve the changes as per ICANN regulations. Please monitor your email to approve the changes to your domain registrant information. If you do not approve the changes, they will not be applied to your domain name.