Detect and reduce spam email in your inbox

Spam email is unwanted and often irrelevant messages typically sent to a large number of users, for advertising, phishing or spreading malware. To detect spam email, use the steps below: 1. Unexpected requests: Be wary of emails asking for personal or financial information, especially if you did not initiate the contact2. Generic greetings: Spam often […]

Manage spam filters

Spam filters are like security guards for your inbox, checking emails for signs of junk or unwanted content and stopping them before they clutter up your email mailbox. You can manage spam filters from your hosting control panel. 1. Log in to your hosting control panel2. Click on the Spam Filters button 3. Under the […]

Manage spam score for incoming email

A spam score for incoming email is a system that checks how likely an email is to be spam, giving it a score based on certain red flags; emails with high scores are more likely to be filtered out as unwanted spam. You can manage the spam score on your incoming email from your hosting […]