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Carbon neutral platform

Excellence in technology means a commitment to sustainability

Green technology

Our platform offers carbon-neutral hosting by collaborating with data centers and software companies that are committed to cutting-edge green technology.

Efficient hardware

We purchase energy-efficient hardware for our employees and, when feasible, we pay for the installation of solar panels and battery packs in order to offset our company’s carbon footprints.

Remote work and incentives

As one of the first tech companies to go 100% remote, we are pioneers in sustainable work models. Our global team works remotely to lessen their carbon footprint, and we also provide incentives to further reduce their carbon footprint in their communities.

The future matters

Being a technology company committed to sustainability means having a long term vision.

Green partnerships

We only partner with data center and software providers who are carbon neutral

Green economy

As pioneers in remote work, we provide our team with EV and solar power vouchers

Green platform

When you subscribe to our services, you are supporting a 100% carbon-neutral platform


Explore our services and careers committed to sustainability and a green future.


Explore our services and contribute to a greener future by supporting sustainable tech.


Check out opportunities to work alongside a tech company committed to sustainability.

Together we can build a better future

We know that building a better future means being committed to action every single day.

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