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SSL Certificates


SSL Certificates, Encrypt Your Websites


Protect your website visitors connection information with SSL encryption. All traffic, including Ecommerce data, will be fully end-to-end encrypted.

Padlock Icon

Show the world that your website takes their security seriously by having the famous padlock icon in their browser bar when visiting your website.

Ranking Boost

Major search engines will no longer display websites that are not secured by SSL encryption. All websites on Skystra are always encrypted by SSL.

Core Features

SSL Certificates


Encrypting your website visitors data is always free with Skystra. All of your websites will be fully encrypted with SSL. Your website and its visitors deserve to always be secure.


The SSL Certificates that we provide are automatically installed once your website is on your web services platform. You don't need to jump through hoops to request it. It's done automatically.

Padlock Icon

By encrypting your visitor traffic with SSL, your website will display the famous padlock icon in your website visitor's browser bar. This lets them know you take their security seriously by securing their connection.


Encryption for Everyone

The free and automatically installed SSL Certificates keep your website visitors and customers safe. No matter the device or location they visit your website or online store from, their connection will be secure. Their information or transaction data is automatically encrypted, whether they're at a coffee shop or their office. They will also see the famous padlock icon in their browser bar and a 'Secure' sign to show you take their security seriously. All websites on our platform are automatically encrypted by SSL, for free.

Visitor Confidence

Our SSL Certificates give your website visitors and customers confidence by displaying the padlock icon in their browser. An active SSL will make sure your visitors see 'Secure' and never 'Not Secure'.


Our SSL Certificates are compatible across all major devices and browsers, which means your visitors will always have a secure connection on your website no matter the region, device or browser they connect from.

Boost SEO

All major search engines heavily favor websites encrypted with SSL on a secure HTTPS connection. In fact, Google will put a warning page on websites without SSL. On our platform, your website will always rank with an active SSL. 

Automatic Setup

SSL Certificates on our web services platform are automatic from the moment you sign up with us. That means they are fully managed on your behalf and they'll always be active on your sites on our web services platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate encrypts all data transmitted between your website and your website visitors. It keeps any information sent, including transaction data, encrypted and away from hackers.

Yes. All SSL Certificates issued by Skystra provide the padlock icon in the website address bar in all major browsers and across devices.

You don’t. The SSL is automatically installed within an hour of your website being active on our web services platform. Fully automated and easy to use, everything is fully managed for you.

Yes. Our SSL Certificates are an integral part of our web services infrastructure and will only work on web services you have with us.

No. All SSL Certificates on our web services platform are free of charge and included on all plans.