Advanced Security for your website


Secure Your Data


Our security systems provide a multi-layered defense infrastructure to protect both your website and emails from malware and viruses. With 6 layers of security, your website, visitors and hosted data are shielded.


Precision targeting means malware, viruses, bots and hacks are automatically detected and thwarted. Targeting powered by machine learning means malware old and new are automatically removed from your account.


Our security systems automatically cleanup malware on your account. The best part? You don't have to do a thing, from the moment you subscribe, your website and emails are continuously scanned and cleaned.

Advanced Security

How It Works

Enhance your website security with our platform's Advanced Security systems. Prevent hacks from ever reaching your website with our AI-powered firewall. Scan and clean out any malware with our malware scan & remover. Keep your visitors and data safe.



Our web application firewall is always on and protecting your website. Powered by AI and enhanced by machine learning, threats both new and old are blocked.


Our security systems constantly scan your files and databases for potential threats to you and your visitors. Your website is safe with our malware scanner.


Hackers are constantly trying to infect your website with malware. Our malware remover will clean out all of the malware on your website and keep things clean.

Core Features



Threats are constantly evolving. Hackers are always looking for a door into your data. Our firewall prevents those attempts from ever reaching your website and your data. Your website visitors will thank you for keeping them and their data secure.


Our systems scan every file, database and email at the block level. That means every time something changes on your website, our system checks to make sure it's secure and safe. Changes are then compared to known algorithms to detect any hacks.


Getting hacked is never good. Hackers are constantly trying to infect websites with malware, so your website visitors and their data get compromised. Our malware remover will search for any malware and clean it from all your files instantly. 


Networked Security

Our platform's security systems all learn from each other. They're fully networked and all data that passes through them is compiled and scanned by our AI-algorithms and human security team. Our security systems are complex for good reason, however using them is simple - it's all automated. There's nothing for you to install or monitor, we take care of everything for you. We know how important your data is and understand the trust you put in us to make sure it's safe. You can sign up to any of our web services plans and add advanced security, which will automatically be setup on your account to keep your data secure from the moment you choose to become our customer.


Hackers are always on the look out for easy targets. Our enhanced security services will block them. 


A security system is only as good as its last update. Our systems are constantly updated to thwart threats old and new.


All file and database changes are scanned live at the block level. This ensures no changes are made that shouldn't be.


Having a secure website boosts performance and lowers page loading times. A secure website is a performant website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Security

Why do I need Advanced Security?

We keep the hosting infrastructure and platform secure. That means we keep the operating system, the infrastructure, the core software and related pieces secure. We provide you a secure web services account to host your data online. However, applications (such as WordPress) require their own security and that's where our Advanced Security systems come into play.

Just like your phone, the phone itself is secure, but the applications on it require their own security. That's why it's a good idea to work with a provider that takes security seriously.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a layer of security that sits right above your website application, such as WordPress. It blocks hacking attempts before they even reach your website and provide very good protection against bot attacks as well.

How does the Malware Scanner work?

If your website becomes infected by malware, our automated system will send you an alert right away so you can go in and clean up your files.

How does the Malware Remover work?

If your website becomes infected by malware, our automated system will scan each file and remove the malware code from your website. You can set this to clean automatically, or to send you an alert so you can review it first.

Does Advanced Security only work on Skystra web services?

Yes. Our Advanced Security is an integral part of our security systems infrastructure and will only work on web services you have with us.

How easy is it to get Advanced Security setup?

Very easy. Security shouldn’t be some complicated system. We developed our security to work automatically. Once you subscribe to Advanced Security, your website is protected within minutes. You don’t need to do anything at all.

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