Premium Caching to speed up your website


Speed Up Your Website


Our caching system provides server level infrastructure integration to boost your website speed by up to 125%. Your website's content & images will load lightning quick and in high resolution for your visitors.


Optimize your WordPress based website with advanced cache tools such as image optimization, CSS/Javascript/HTML minification, database cleanup, and HTTP/2 Push to improve load and latency.


Our caching system is fully automated and requires no setup. Your website integrates with our infrastructure through a plugin included on your WordPress Dashboard where you can view your cache and access advanced settings.

Premium Caching

How It Works

Enhance your website performance and speed with our platform's Premium Caching system. Get a speed boost of up to 125%, HTTP/2 protocol and minification tools for a faster, robust and optimized website. Built for any WordPress based website for improved speed and performance.



Caching will make your website content load fast for your visitors. Whether they're reading your articles, buying products or subscribing to services, give them rapid access to your content with lightning speed to create excellent user experience.


Optimized images are key to fast site speed, a pleasant web experience and building traffic. Caching provides instant image optimization and a lazy load tool to serve your website images in high resolution and quickly for your visitors.


A website database is like a website's core, every change you make on it gets saved in its database. This can bloat and slow down your website overtime. Caching reduces database bloat and gives you a 1-click database flush tool to keep your core optimized.

Core Features

Premium Caching


Our caching runs on a server-wide system, this provides an integrated optimization layer for every component of your website. For dynamic websites running on WordPress, server level cache provides a fully managed environment that ensures lightning speed load time for your website across devices.


Your WordPress website is primarily built from coding language known as html, css and js. Caching gives you tools to  optimize and clean up the code running on your website to reduce bloat and improve performance. Get professional-grade optimization without being a coder or even looking at a line of code.


When any edit is made to your website, use the 1-click purge tool to instantly cache your new content and serve it quickly to your website visitors. Forgot to click the purge button? Our system will automatically purge any changes and serve them through the caching system on your website for you.


Optimized For WordPress

Our platform's caching is built to optimize your WordPress website and WooCommerce store. A server-wide cache optimizes your WordPress website files, database and images automatically. With an advanced toolbox integrated directly into your WordPress Dashboard through an easy to use plugin, you can manage the cached components of your website or let the cache run on its own automatically. We know how important your website speed is and know you trust us to make it run fast. You can sign up to any of our web services plans and add premium caching, which will automatically be setup on your website to make it run fast from the moment you choose to become our customer.


For every extra second your website takes to load, you lose 10% of traffic. Get a speedy site and retain your traffic.


Every component of your website, including content, images and your database are fully cached and optimized automatically.


Our caching tool comes with a toolbox via a plugin with advanced tools to optimize html, js and css code on your website.


Popular search engines like Google prefer to rank fast websites. Improve your online visibility and SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Caching

What is Premium Caching?

Premium caching provides a server-level system to boost your website speed by up to 125%. Optimized for WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores, your content, images and database are fully optimized by our cache to serve your website quickly across devices. 

Our caching system comes with a toolbox integrated into your WordPress Dashboard via an easy to use plugin where you can access advanced tools to minify html, css and js on your website.

Do I need Premium Caching?

For every extra second your website takes to load, you lose an average of your 10% website traffic. Speed is crucial to building a successful website to engage readers, monetize ads or convert through an online store. Premium caching isn't required however strongly recommended to keep your WordPress website or WooCommerce store running fast and give your visitors a pleasant web experience.

How does Premium Caching work?

Our caching system works on the server level and integrates with your website through a plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. This integration allows our infrastructure to cache every single component of your website automatically. You can further optimize cache by using the tools available on the plugin directly within your WordPress Dashboard.

Do I need to understand code to use Premium Caching?

Absolutely not! The best thing about premium caching is that it optimizes the code that comprises your WordPress website and application without you even having to know what a line of code looks like. Our caching service is for everyone and anyone who has a WordPress website or WooCommerce store and wants it to run lightning quick.

Does Premium Caching only work on Skystra web services?

Yes. Our caching systems are an integral part of our web services infrastructure and will only work on web services you have with us.

How easy is it to get Premium Caching setup?

Very simple! From the moment you subscribe to any of our web services and add premium caching to your plan, it will automatically setup. Your website will integrate with our server layer caching from the second it gets online through our platform to instantly enjoy lightning quick speed and performance.

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