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Migration Service

Moving to Skystra is easy

Moving your website and email to Skystra is easy and free. We get some details from you, plan the migration and move everything over in a few hours. Check out the questions below to see how it all works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions customers have when it comes to switching to Skystra

Once you’re signed up, you will be prompted to send our Migration team some details securely on your client portal. Once we have the required information from your end, our team will start the migration and take it from there.

Yes, we move all of your data over to our cloud platform. This includes websites, emails and databases. We also bring over any important settings for your website and emails.

We normally complete migration requests within hours of having received the login information requested by our team via your client portal.

Yes, we do not charge a fee for moving your websites and emails to our platform.

Yes, we do. We have internal tools that give us the ability to view and test websites before the switch is fully completed. 

Everything will stay exactly the same on your website post-migration. We take an exact copy of the data and migrate it over so everything remains intact. 

Of course! We have multiple visual guides on setting up email with us. We will give you all the settings and walk you through it. 

Yes, we will sync your full email history over to our platform. This means any emails you have currently stored will come over exactly as is, so you can pick up where you left off.

Absolutely! Any email app you had connected to your email will continue to work exactly the same. If any settings require adjusting, our team will let you know.

Yes! Your online services will remain operational as we perform the migration for you. That means your websites will continue to load and your emails will continue to send and receive. Our team performs migrations in a way where everything remains operational and online to ensure 0 interruptions.

We’re a solid, reliable cloud hosting platform with a team that has been in the web hosting industry for 23 years. We know how to host websites and support our customers. 

Migrations done the easy way


We'll need the login or files of your previous provider. Send them to us securely via your portal.


Our team of experts will migrate your website and email. Everything will be fully tested for you.


We'll confirm with you that the migration is completed once everything is tested and looks good.

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Fast migrations

We move and complete your website migration within hours of receiving your request.

Each migration request is treated with care. Your website and email will remain up the entire time. 

Migration experts

Our team has been migrating websites and email for years. We treat each migration as if we were moving our own data.

We’ll handle everything related to the migration and let you know once it’s completed.

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We never ask for reviews, just being our customer is more than enough for us

They transferred my site, domain(s), SAVED ME MONEY, and reduced my stress levels.
Kitty Bradshaw


I am impressed! Also VERY thankful. Great job - very happy I made this change!
Chuck Hooper


They migrated my sites for free and everything was up and running really fast.
Jennifer Pinkley


I'm already so impressed with their speedy and personalized customer service!
Shea Jordan


Due to their professionalism and commitment it only took a few hours to switch.
Jamie Harms


@skystracloud is awesome! Great service, and their support is top notch! Recommend them.
Danny Brown


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