Why Is My WordPress Website Slow?

Jun 29, 2020

Having a slow website quite frankly sucks and hurts your bottom line. 

It’s one of the worst things that can happen to online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners. 

Nobody likes a slow site – it affects conversions, user experience, and SEO. 

When it comes to website speed, there are two parts to the equation – infrastructure (servers) and the website itself.

Infrastructure at Skystra

At Skystra, we put tremendous effort into having the best infrastructure in the business, optimizing our Cloud instances for maximum performance, and providing all the tools and help to our customers so their website can work as fast as possible. 

For example, we recently upgraded our entire Cloud infrastructure from Gen 1 to Gen 2, which increases performance by up to 157% across our Cloud plans.

Our hosting infrastructure is rock-solid, and we work on optimizing it every day, with new services and technology, to provide you the best hosting experience.

Your Website

The second part of the website speed equation is related to the site itself. WordPress is excellent software. It makes all our lives easier when it comes to building a website; however, if not properly optimized – it can be resource hungry and potentially slow.

We prepared a list of articles to help you optimize your WordPress website, and speed it up as much as possible.

First, let’s start with the speed testing bit. 

Not all speed tests are equal, and the information provided in them can be confusing. We created a detailed guide on how to measure the speed of your website correctly

One thing to keep in mind when measuring website speed is to do the eye test, as in – load it up yourself and see for yourself. Benchmark results are given by computers, not humans and it’ll always be humans loading your site.

Optimize Performance

Next, here’s a list of guides that are related to optimizing WordPress performance and speed:

How to optimize WordPress for better performance

How to speed up WordPress by disabling WP-Cron

Why you should disable JetPack

How to improve website speed on mobile

That’s it! 

There are a lot of tips along with tried and tested methods. Go ahead and give them a try, you’ll learn a lot in the process if anything.

Make sure to test your website speed before and after implementing new settings. When in doubt, always clear your cache to see changes properly.