What Is The WordPress Dashboard?

Jun 28, 2019

The WordPress Dashboard is the area within WordPress where you manage your website and its content.

WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard, also known as the admin page or admin area is the backend where you go to manage your website to make modifications, adjust settings, publish content and configure the appearance of your site:

From the dashboard screen, you can get a quick overview of your website, including the number of posts and pages published, recent activity on your site from logged in users, and some links to help you find the most used features of WordPress.

The sidebar includes several different menus to edit or manage your website. Some popular actions you can perform and features you can access from the sidebar menu include:


  • Posts: Write, edit or publish new blog posts and manage categories and tags
  • Media: Upload images, videos, and other media files and access the media library
  • Pages: Manage and add new pages
  • Comments: Manage blog post comments left by your visitors
  • Appearance: Adjust the design of your website, including colour schemes, fonts, and formatting. This is also where you can install new WordPress themes, control widgets, and create menus
  • Plugins: Install and manage WordPress plugins to add more functionality to your site
  • Users: If multiple people work on your website, use this menu to manage your website’s users and configure their profiles.
  • Settings: Configure your WordPress website, including adding a site title, a tagline, WordPress address/Url, e-mail address, setting the site Time zone, and Time format.
  • Collapse menu: The sidebar menu can be collapsed and expanded as needed If you ever log in to your WordPress admin area and can’t see the full menu, try clicking on the expand and collapse icon at the foot of the menu.
  • Tools: View available tools and export data for website or import data from external sources.


  • Administrator -This is the most powerful user role. Basically, they can do anything on your site.
  • Editor – Has the right to manage all content, edit, publish or delete articles, manage comments and categories. However, they cannot make site-wide changes.
  • Author – Has limited access to the WordPress admin dashboard. They can only produce content, edit their own content, publish it and upload media files to it.
  • Contributor – Can only edit or delete their own posts and read all posts. However, contributors can’t publish any posts.
  • Subscriber – The subscriber role allows users only to read posts. This option is useful for subscription-based websites to ensure only logged in people can access website content.

This was just a very short tutorial on what you can do in your WordPress dashboard. To find out more, you can visit our in-depth guide on How To Get Started on WordPress.

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