What Are WordPress Tags?

Jun 25, 2019

Tags contain certain words known as keywords that help your website visitor locate relevant content with a similar tag. It’s not mandatory to use tags, and with today’s search technology, their usefulness is debatable. On our Knowledgebase, we use both categories and tags.

Our WordPress service supports both tags and categories. Read on to find out if tags are the right choice for you.

Difference Between WordPress Tags And Categories

A tag is used to identify your article by use of keywords which are independent of each other. On the other hand, categories are a way of grouping articles based on general topics. Assuming it is a table of content, categories groups your content in topics and subtopics.

Categories cover broad topics while tags are very specific to the content of the posts. However, they are not mandatory. To understand this better, assume you have a site related to hobbies. Take the hobbies to be; Food, Music, and Books. When you write an article about Food, you will include spaghetti and pasta. In this case, Food is the category while spaghetti and pasta are the tags.

Adding Tags In WordPress

Tags make it easy for visitors to find an article easily. To add tags in your post, you click Posts in the admin section and then click Add New to add tags.

How To Display Tags That You Have Added In WordPress

There are several methods to display tags that you have used in your post. The first method is by clicking Posts and then Tags. By using this method, you can select a tag you do not want to include.

The second method is by clicking Appearance and then Widgets. Then drag it over the Tag Cloudup to the place you want it to appear.

After expanding the widget, you will see the settings. If you want them to appear in ascending order, select ‘Order by for display tags’ and in case you want it to appear in descending order, select ‘Order for display tags.’

From here, it is possible to change the colors and size. Once you are through with the settings, click Save to store the widget settings.

How to Use WordPress Tags In SEO

Using tags in your post improves ranking in Google and other search engines. Also, it makes it easy for visitors to locate content on your site.

Other Uses For WordPress Tags

Apart from easing the usability and accessibility of your site, tags can also be used in other ways. Tags can be used by visitors to share your posts. This is done by use of Share Buttons for WordPress plugin.

Mainly, tags are used for Search Engine Optimization and are not displayed publicly. They are used to help share information on social media.

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