Tools To Send Email Campaigns

Aug 3, 2020

To increase the deliverability of emails to various email providers, and make sure your emails reach the recipients, Skystra imposes certain email sending limits:

  • a maximum of 200 emails per hour can be sent from an account
  • a maximum of 25 recipients can be included in a single message

Tools To Send Email Campaigns

Email addresses on our hosting services are intended for personal/business use. If you need to send email blasts or campaigns, we recommend using the specialized third-party service such as:

By using a third-party service to send your newsletters or marketing campaigns, you:

  • Get access to multiple IP addresses that send your emails, ensuring better deliverability and less chance to land on blacklists
  • Get access to better monitoring and tracking capabilities to see detailed statistics on your campaign (deliverability and how many emails were open, etc.)
  • Use specialized mailserver software instead of the basic command-line service (sendmail)

To send your marketing emails and newsletters using a third-party email service, you need to install an SMTP plugin on your WordPress websites such as WP Mail SMTP or Post SMTP.

Build an Email Campaign 

Install WP Mail SMTP

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, and head to Plugins > Add New option, input WP Mail SMTP in the search field, and click the Install Now button to install it:


Once installed, click the Activate button to activate the plugin:


Next, click the WP Mail SMTP -> Settings option in the left frame to configure the plugin. Obtain login and SMTP details from your third-party mail service, and configure the plugin accordingly by filling in the host, port, encryption, and authentication details. Select the Other SMTP option unless you’re using Sendinblue out of the gate:

Test Email

That’s it! You can use the Email Test option in the top menu bar to test your new third-party email service: