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What To Do If Your Website Is Blacklisted By Google
If your website is compromised in any way (malware, phishing, unwanted software, hacked) – Google will likely blacklist it and display a warning to your visitors. This is not only...
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Jul 26, 2020
Measures To Take To Reduce Or Eliminate Spam From Your Email Inbox
It’s very likely you’re used to seeing or maybe being overwhelmed with unsolicited messages (spam) advertising fake medical products, adult services, dodgy loans, click for malware buttons, and phishing attempts. ...
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Common Reasons Why WordPress Websites Get Spam And What To Do About It
Spam isn’t only a nuisance, as it causes domains/websites to land on email blacklists, uses server resources (disk space in your WordPress database, and bandwidth), skews data that we have...
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How To Setup reCAPTCHA On Contact Form 7 Plugin
Having a contact form is a must for every website, but that introduces potential issues with spam bots sending you spam emails from your website. In addition to receiving spam...
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