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Domain Redirects
If you need to redirect your domain, you can do so from your control panel. Control Panel Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel. Once in cPanel, click Redirects under...
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Aug 3, 2020
How To Use 301 Redirects To Fix 404 Not Found Pages On WordPress
Whenever you update your website links or page URLs – search engines tend to keep the old information in their results until the search engine web crawler scans your website...
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How To Force HTTPS On Your Website
Skystra automatically installs an SSL certificate on your website for free once you sign up to our services. But even after a valid SSL certificate is activated, your website is...
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How To Redirect Your Website Using 301 Redirects
Non-Secure Redirects non-www to www Google Chrome recently started hiding the www portion of the URL, but if you want your website to work via http://www.yourdomain.com instead of http://yourdomain.com, you...
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How To Redirect Domain Names
The domain redirect feature is handy when you want to redirect visitors to specific content. To set up a domain redirect, it needs to be created as an addon domain...
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