Setup POP3 Account On Apple Mail

Aug 21, 2019

Before starting, if you are a customer of ours, we do not recommend using POP3. Our email service works well on IMAP, which also allows you to sync your email across all devices. Only use POP3 if you are using an external service that does not support the better IMAP protocol, or want to download your email to one single device.

Apple Mail

1. First, you have to locate Apple Mail. On your screen’s Dock, look for the Apple Mail icon (the eagle on a postal stamp) and click it open.

If you don’t see the Apple Mail icon directly on your Dock, you can always click Finder (the half blue/white face icon) select Applications, and click on Apple Mail from there.

Add Account

Once Apple Mail opens, hit Mail then Add Account.

At this step, you’ll get a window asking you to ‘Choose a Mail account provider’ select Other Mail Account and hit Continue.

Account Details

You’re almost done, just 3 more steps!

In this step, you’ll have to fill in the following 3 details: NameEmail Address, and your Email Password (i.e. POP3 password). After you fill in these 3 fields, hit Sign In and Apple Mail will automatically retrieve your POP3 details. Once retrieved, you can now use your POP3 Email Account in Apple Mail, you’re done!

If your details don’t automatically retrieve, go to the next below!

If Apple Mail doesn’t automatically retrieve your details, enter your POP3 details when prompted to do so.

Here are the 6 fields you’ll have to fill out:

Email Address: Your full email address, for example, [email protected]
User Name: Your email account’s user name, often the same as your email address, for example, [email protected]
Password: The password you set for your email address
Account Type: There is a dropdown here, select POP
Incoming Mail Server: (replace with your actual domain name)
Outgoing Mail Server: (replace with your actual domain name)

Sign In

Once you’ve filled in all 6 fields, hit Sign In and you should now be able to use your POP3 Email Account in Apple Mail, you’re done!

*Note: is only for screenshot purposes, please use the incoming & outgoing mail server addresses for your domain

Port Codes

Apple Mail might ask you to confirm port configurations.

If it does, always use the following secure message port code configurations:

Incoming Messages Port Code: 995
Outgoing Messages Port Code: 465

If you’re unsure of your current port configuration settings, you can check by Mail then Preferences.

You’ll see all of your email accounts appear on the left-hand side. Select the account and click Server Settings, uncheck Automatically manage connection settings for POP and SMTP and enter in the Incoming (995) & Outgoing (465) Port Codes.

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