ICANN Transfer Locks

Aug 27, 2019

Recently, ICANN announced a new transfer policy rules for the process of changing ownership of a domain from one domain registrar to another. It’s a layer of bureaucracy no one asked for, but we all have to follow it.

Basically, each time a change of registrant takes place or any of the contact details are changed (first name, last name, organization or email address), a trade process initiates, and you need to complete the verification via email.

Your domain registrar will send a verification email to the registrant email address, and you need to click the verification link to approve the change and enable the domain.

Domain Registrations

When you register a new domain – your domain registrar will send you a verification email which you need to complete (follow the link and verify your contact information). Until that is completed, you will see the following message in AccountCenter:

Contact Details Change

If you perform a change to the first name, last name, organization or email address of the registrant contact – you will see a warning that this operation will initiate the Transfer Policy Trade Process and trigger the IRTP Transfer Lock.

As you can see above, you can try to opt-out of the transfer lock (if possible) and provide a reason before submitting the request.

Once you complete the contact details change request, there are two available statuses:

Success Confirmation

If the Transfer Policy does not pertain to the domain, or any of the contact details (registrant’s name, organization, or email were not changed), you will see a successful confirmation message.

Verification Required

If the Transfer Policy was initiated (a change to the registrant’s name, organization or email), you will see a Verification Required confirmation, which means that an email has been sent and you have to perform a verification to complete the change.