How To Verify Your WordPress Website On Pinterest

Dec 12, 2020

Verifying your WordPress website on Pinterest unlocks some cool features, such as ads program, analytics, photos statistics, etc. Most businesses sleep on Pinterest, but it’s one of the most popular social networks for visual content such as photos and videos. It can be an essential traffic source to your website, especially if you run a blog or a photography website.

Let’s start!

Unlock Business Tools

Log in to your Pinterest account, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile picture in the top-right corner, and select Unlock business tools:

Next, click the Switch to business button:

Business Details

Fill in your business name, website, country, and language:

Describe your business, and input some desired goals:

Select the customized recommendations:

Finally, answer if you’re looking into the advertising on Pinterest:

That’s it! Now you’re able to post ads and have access to statistics on Pinterest:

Claim Your Website

Next, to claim your website on Pinterest, click the drop-down arrow at  the top-right corner, and then select Settings:

Click the Claim section in the left menu bar, then the Claim button next to the Websites option:

Download HTML File

Click the Download button under the Upload HTML file section, and download the file:

Save the file and keep the Pinterest tab open.


Log in to your cPanel control panel, and click File Manager under the Files section:

public_html (root directory)

You need to upload the Pinterest HTML into your root directory, your root directory is the public_html – double click on public_html first:

*Note: Your public_html folder is by default the public_html (root directory) for the primary domain name on your account. If you want to claim a website for Pinterest for an addon domain, make sure to click the subfolder for it first and then go to its public_html directory from there.


Upload the downloaded HTML file to your website’s root directory (public_html) using the top menu’s Upload button.

Select the file on your computer, and it will be automatically uploaded to the directory:


Go back to your Pinterest tab, and click Continue:


Input full website URL (with a trailing slash), and click Verify:

Voil√°! Your website is now verified with Pinterest:


You can now use various Pinterest business tools for analytics, ads, statistics, and more!