How To Update Nameservers Or DNS Settings

May 7, 2020

When you sign up to a new hosting plan with Skystra and you want to connect your domain name registered elsewhere to your new hosting service with us, you’ll have to update the nameservers or DNS settings at your domain registrar to point the Skystra’s nameservers.

DNS Update

Nameservers or DNS settings determine where domain names point. Think of nameservers as a compass for your website, they tell the internet where your site is hosted. 

By updating your domain’s DNS zone to Skystra’s nameservers, your traffic will direct to your website hosted on our Cloud. 

You’d need to update nameservers at your current domain registrar to:

Here are some guides to updating nameservers at popular registries:





Google Domains



When you update these settings – your domain name will stay with your current domain registrar, but will point to Skystra’s Cloud network, where your website is hosted.


It can take up to 24 hours for the DNS changes to propagate (DNS propagation is the process of updating every server across the internet with new information) globally.

You can use our Skystra DNS Propagation Guide to track the progress of the DNS propagation for your domain.