How To Setup Forums On WordPress

Jun 27, 2019

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Why Create A Forum On WordPress?

Having active forums on your website can be very helpful as it grows the community and strengthens its ties to your website. In this particular article, we’ll explain how to use the bbPress plugin to set up forums on your WordPress website.

What Is The bbPress Plugin?

bbPress is one of the WordPress plug-ins that allow the addition of forum functionality to a WordPress site. It is a free and open-source WordPress plug-in, that adds s full-featured forum functionality to your whole website or part of it.

How To Use The bbPress WordPress Plugin

This quick guide is a tutorial on how to use the bbPress WordPress Plug-in. Since bbPress is free on WordPress, you can easily install it like any other free WordPress plug-in available on the site.

After installation, the configuration of your forum comes next. To configure your forum, go to Settings and then, to Forums. Three custom post types will display by the left of the screen: individual forums, topics, and replies. If you go to “Forums” then click on “New Forum”, you’ll be able to add an individual forum category and set its parent (optional) and visibility.

By default, your main forum listing will be located at “”. But if you’d like to change that, you can modify the various URL slugs by going to Settings to Forums and looking for the Forum Root Slug, Single Forum Slugs, and Forum User Slugs options.

Use bbPress To Add Functionality

While it’s absolutely free to use regular WordPress plugins on your bbPress forum, you can also find lots of bbPress plugins that are built specifically to add functionality to the core bbPress plugin. If you want to find such plugins, a good place to start your search is the official bbPress plugin listings.

We hope this quick tutorial on how to use bbPress has been helpful to you!

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