How To Restore Your Account Or WordPress Files

Jun 29, 2020

Restoring your account or WordPress website files is easy with our backup tools.

A quick refresher on our backup tools and what they restore –

Restore Tools

Acronis Backup

To restore your full account or individual website files, databases, email account or email forwarders

Skystra Apps

To restore your WordPress website and files

Let’s start with steps on how to restore on the Acronis Backup tool.

Instructions For Account Restores On Acronis Backup


Login to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel.

Acronis Backup

Next, click on Acronis Backup under the Files section:

You will then see a list of the available backups. This is essentially the version history of all the daily automated backups we take of your whole account.

Version History

Click the date of the backup you want to view & restore:


From there, you have a few options of what to restore (files, databases, email accounts and email forwarders).

Depending on what you need, you can either restore your full account or click on a specific folders to restore individual files from them.

In our example, we’ve clicked only on files.

Once you do that, you’ll see a list of all of your files, if you want to recover all of them – select all.

If you want to recover specific files only, select the ones you’d like to restore and then click the Recover button.

Start Recovery

You’ll get a pop up window, click the Start recovery button only, no need to tick the box.


Then you’ll get a completion message saying the restore has succeeded for the files restored.

If you are restoring your full account, it might take a little while, so give the system some time and don’t surf away from your screen.

That’s it – nothing else to do, go back to your website and take a look to make sure you’re happy with the restore.

Now let’s go to some instructions on how to restore your WordPress website and files using Skystra Apps.

Instructions for WordPress File Restore on Skystra Apps


Login to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel.

File Manager

Click the File Manager icon under the Files section:


The File Manager will open in a new tab, go to and click on the softaculous_backups* directory:

*Note: Make sure you’ve created a backup file first. Follow the instructions in our backups guide (under the Skystra Apps section).

Upload Backup

Once in the backups directory, click the Upload button from the top menu, then Select File, and select your backup that you’ve downloaded from the Skystra Apps App:


Once completed, click the back button and verify that the file was uploaded properly:

WordPress Manager

Close your File Manager window, go back to your AccountCenter Client Area, select your service, and click the WordPress Tools option under the Quick Shortcuts section:

This will take you to the WordPress Manager.

Backups and Restore

Click the arrow icon next to the desired website to expand options:

Click Restore on the bottom to proceed further:


Finally, click the Restore icon to restore your backup:

On the next page, choose your options and click the Restore Installation button to start the restore process. 

You can restore files and directories or databases only or do a full account restore. If you want to restore your full website, make sure to tick all of the boxes to restore the full site. 

If you choose the option to delete existing files and folders, make sure you are restoring a full account backup.



On the confirmation pop up, click the OK button when you’re ready to restore. 

Once the backup is fully restored, you’ll get a confirmation message:

Make sure to go to your website and do a click through to double-check everything was restored properly.

We recommend using an Incognito or Private window when doing your first run through.