How To Redirect Domain Names

Nov 20, 2019

The domain redirect feature is handy when you want to redirect visitors to specific content. To set up a domain redirect, it needs to be created as an addon domain or domain alias in your cPanel control panel first.

Create Domain as Addon Domain

The Addon Domains option in cPanel allows you to create addon domains, and the Aliases option will enable you to create domain aliases.

Please note that SSL certificates do not work on domain aliases because the server cannot recognize them, so always use addon domains for domain redirects.

To create a new addon domain, log in to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel.

Next, click the Addon Domains option under the Domains section:

Fill in the fields accordingly:

  • New Domain Name – Your new addon domain name
  • Subdomain – It will be filled automatically, so leave it as-is
  • Document Root – The name of the folder for the addon domain in public_html directory

Click the Add Domain button when ready to complete the setup. Once it’s configured, you will receive a success message, and the new addon domain will appear in the Modify Addon Domain list:

Manage Redirection

Next, we’ll create an actual redirect. Click the Manage Redirection option next to the newly created addon domain:

Redirect Domain

Fill in the desired destination URL in the field, and click the Save button:

You will again see the notification from cPanel that the redirect was set up successfully:

Disabling Redirection

If you want to disable redirection, click the Manage Redirection option next to the desired domain name. Then, click the Disable Redirection option under the Disable Addon Domain Redirection section:

That’s it!