How To Put CloudFlare On Dev Mode

Dec 27, 2020

What Is Dev Mode?

Cloudflare’s Dev Mode (development mode) allows you to see changes to your cacheable  content (images, JavaScript, CSS) immediately, instead of seeing the cached versions. If you don’t disable the development mode manually – it will stay enabled for 3 hours once you turn it on. 

You should enable Cloudflare Dev Mode when you are testing changes to your website or trying to determine where an error is coming from.

Enable Dev Mode


To put Cloudflare on development mode, log in to the Cloudflare dashboard first here:


Click your domain on the main page (if you have many domains connected, make sure you click the right one for the site you’re working on).


Click Caching at the top menu bar:


Click Configuration in the sub-menu:

Development Mode

Scroll down until you see the Development Mode option, and turn it on by clicking the slider on the right:

That’s it! Now you’ll see changes to images, CSS, and JavaScript on your website instantly, instead of them being cached. 

When you’re done using Dev Mode, you can log back into your Cloudflare account and turn it off. Dev Mode will automatically disable on its own after 3 hours.