How To Migrate Your Website To Skystra Using The Updraft Plugin

Sep 15, 2020

This guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your website to your new hosting service at Skystra using the Updraft plugin.



At your old hosting, log into your WordPress dashboard. 

If you don’t have the Updraft plugin installed, log in to your WordPress Dashboard, head to Plugins > Add New, and type Updraft in the search bar at the top right corner of the page.

Click the Install Now button to install the Updraft plugin:


Once installed, click the Activate button to activate the plugin:

Backup Now

Back on your WordPress dashboard, head to Settings > UpdraftPlugs Backups, and under the Backup / Restore section, click the Backup Now button:

Ensure that both database and files options are selected in the new pop-up window, and click the Backup Now button:

The backup process will start, and depending on your website size, it may take a while to complete. Updraft will let you know once it’s finished:

File Manager

On your old hosting account, go to cPanel and head to the File Manager:


In the File Manager, locate your website folder, and go to the wp-content/updraft directory. Here you’ll find several compressed files with the backup_ prefix. 


Select them with your mouse, and click the Download button in the top menu bar to download them to your computer:



On your new hosting service with Skystra, log into your WordPress dashboard.

Make sure to install the Updraft plugin on your new WordPress site.


Once Updraft is installed on your WordPress dashboard on your new hosting account at Skystra, head to Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups

Upload Backup Files

Under the Backup / Restore section, click the Upload backup files option:

Click the Select Files button and upload all the updraft backup files you saved from before:


Once the upload is completed, click the Restore button next to your backup on the same page:

On the next page, select all components to restore, and click the Next button:

Wait for the Updraft to process archive files, and click the Restore button once it’s ready:

The restore will start, and Updraft will show the progress along with all the details:

It’s a good idea to keep your browser on this page as the backup runs its course so that nothing times out.


Once completed, the plugin will let you know that the restore was successful:

That’s it! You’ve successfully restored your website from your old WordPress dashboard to your new one at Skystra using the Updraft plugin.