How To Delegate Access To Another User

Dec 11, 2020

What Is Delegate Access?

You can delegate access to a user on your Skystra account (such as a web designer, developer or SEO agency) to access your hosting, email and domain services on your Skystra account. 

When you delegate access, delegates can access your Skystra services, but they can’t view or alter sensitive account information such as your payment methods and passwords.

Providing Delegate Access

Log in to your AccountCenter. 

User Management

Once logged in, click your name at the top-right corner, and select User Management:

Invite User

Click Invite New User:


Fill in the new user’s email address, and select all permissions, or customize permissions for the new user:

If you decide to customize permissions, you will be able to provide granular access to the new user:

We recommend keeping user permissions strictly to what’s necessary. 

Send Invite

Once you’ve filled in the email address, and selected the permissions, click Send Invite to send off the invite.

If the new user already has an account with us – they will access your account with the existing login details. If they don’t have a registered account, they will create a new account through the invitation.