How To Create An FTP Username And Password

Jul 23, 2020

To create a new FTP account with a unique username and password, log in to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel.

FTP Accounts

Next, click FTP Accounts under the Files section:

Add FTP Account

On the next page:

1. Fill in your username (can be anything, in our example, we’ve used ‘username’).

2. Select the domain from the drop-down menu.

3. Generate or type in a strong password.

The password generator always gives you secure passwords:

4. Input the directory you want this FTP account to have access to (usually it’s always public_html directory).

5. Set a quota for the FTP account – a fixed number, or unlimited (by default, it’s best to set it to unlimited).

Once ready, click the Create FTP Account button to save the changes.

Once completed, you will see a confirmation message, and you’ll be able to see the new FTP account under the FTP Accounts section:

That’s it! You’ve now created an FTP account. To use your new FTP account, follow the steps in our How to connect to FTP using FileZilla guide.