How To Create A Domain Forwarder

Jun 22, 2020

In addition to creating individual email forwarders, you can also forward all emails for a domain to another domain.

What Is A Domain Forwarder? 

Domain forwarders transfer copies of all of a domain’s incoming email for non-existing accounts to another domain. Please note that if the mailbox exists on a source domain – the domain forwarder will not forward email for that mailbox.


Case: domain forwards all emails to domain

  • If [email protected] mailbox exists – the domain forwarder will not forward the email.
  • If [email protected] mailbox doesn’t exist – the domain forwarder will send the email.

Create Domain Forwarder

To create a domain forwarder on your account, log in to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel.


Next, click the Forwarders options under the Email section:

Domain Forwarder

To add a new domain forwarder, click the Add Domain Forwarder button in Forwarders section:

Select the desired domain from the dropdown list, and input the destination domain in the text box:

Click the Add Domain Forwarder button to save changes.

Verify Domain Forwarder

Once completed, you will be able to see the new domain forwarder in the list:

Delete Domain Forwarder

To remove the domain forwarder, click the Delete button on the right, and then the Delete Domain Forwarder button on the next page:

In general, we don’t recommend using forwarders as they can’t filter spam. As such – they’ll forward unsolicited messages, which can cause problems with blacklisting and mail server reputation.