How To Connect To FTP Using FileZilla

May 15, 2020

You can do just about everything from your WordPress Dashboard but sometimes you need to upload a custom file, WordPress theme or plugin manually to your hosting account.

You can use the FileManager in cPanel via your AccountCenter Client Area, but you can also use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program if it’s more convenient for you or you just want to try something new! 

Download FileZilla

First, you’ll need to download and install an FTP program. There are many to choose from, we recommend using FileZilla – as it’s both free and reliable.

Head over to FileZilla’s website and download the version for your operating system (FileZilla is available on any OS and platform).

Install the program (it’s a simple install process, and doesn’t take long), and launch once the download is done.

Create FTP Account

You’ll need to enter the following credentials to connect:

  • IPv4 / Host: Your domain name (e.g
  • *Username: Your FTP account username
  • Password: Your FTP password
  • Port: 21
  • Connection type

*If you’re not sure what your cPanel username is, please check this article for more information on how to find it.

If you want to create a new FTP account, you can do so from within your cPanel control panel -> Files section -> FTP Accounts option. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel.

Launch FileZilla

Once you launch FileZilla, head to File -> Site Manager (or hit Ctrl+s on Windows), and click the New site button:

Input the name of the new connection (e.g., My Website), and fill in the details of the connection in the right frame:

FTP Details

Protocol: FTP

Host: (replace with your domain name), or an IP address of your account

Port: 21

Logon type: Normal

User: Your FTP username (if it’s an additional FTP account, make sure to include in the username)

Password: FTP password

Click the Connect button to proceed.

FileZilla will then ask you if you want it to save the password for future connection attempts. This is convenient if you plan to use FTP again in the future. Select the desired option, and then you’ll be connected to your hosting service via FTP.

FTP Connection

Once you’re connected, the left frame (Local Site) shows your computer, while the right frame (Remote Site) shows your hosting service. To transfer files, find the file/folder on your computer (in the left frame) and drag & drop it to the right frame, or right-click on it and select the Upload option.

That’s it! Not as hard as it sounds, we hope this tutorial will help you connect to your WordPress site via FTP.