How To Clone WordPress Pages & Posts

Jul 12, 2019

Having an online presence means creating and getting content out there for your brand.

Often, you’re likely to encounter a situation where the new post you want to create is identical to an existing post or page on your WordPress site.

Cloning your pages & posts is a neat little trick on WordPress, we tell you how below.

How To Clone Your WordPress Pages & Posts

There are free plugins available that will let you clone or make duplicates of your posts and pages.

Duplicating a page in WordPress with the help of plugins is the easiest and simplest way to do it.

However, duplication is not restricted to using plugins. You can still do copy and pasting since WordPress editor makes it easy to do that.

How To Duplicate A Page Or Post By Copying & Pasting

If you need to duplicate one post or page consider a simple copy & paste.

Open the content you wish to duplicate in your WordPress editor and make sure you don’t have an individual block selected.

This is because WordPress will just copy the contents of the selected block and not the entire document.

Click on the three dots at the top of each other at the top right of the editing screen to open a menu:

Click on the Copy All Content option in the menu to copy all of the content.

Then you can create a new post and paste in the content.

You’ll also get a new Copy to a new draft option on the WordPress toolbar if you happen to have a duplicate plugin already installed.

Make sure to edit your duplicate post so it’s not exactly the same as the original post (this can take a hit on your SEO).

How To Clone A Page Or Post Using A Plugin

If you need to clone several posts or pages, then a plugin is your best bet.

Using a plugin is a more reliable option when cloning a lot of content. Duplicating posts are actually more common with custom post types like product reviews, press releases and many other posts that have a template.

Below is an example of popular free plugins for cloning your WordPress post or pages:

Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post is popular for duplicating posts for WordPress.

Navigate to plugins, select add new, and search for Duplicate Post & install:

Once activated it adds a Clone link to each post in the main Posts screen in the WordPress admin.

Go to the Posts or Pages area in your WordPress dashboard and find the piece of content that you want to duplicate.

You should see two new options when you hover over the content. Both of them duplicate your page, but there’s a difference:

  • The clone option will create a draft copy of the post and keep you in the same list view
  • The new draft option will create a copy of the post and open it in the WordPress editor so that you can start working with it right away

Click the Clone link under the post you want to duplicate, and a new post will be created for you with the same content and title with a Draft status:

Bulk Duplicate WordPress Pages with Duplicate Post Plugin

If you want to duplicate multiple WordPress posts or pages at the same time the duplicate post plugin allows you to do so.

Navigate to posts on your dashboard and select all posts to get a list view of all your published posts.

You can then use the checkboxes on the left to select multiple content items.

On the bulk action drop-down menu select the Clone option to clone all the content that you’ve selected with one action:

How To Duplicate WordPress Pages Or Posts With Your Own Code

If you’re someone who likes programming you can code your own duplicate plugin on your site.

You can follow this link to Github and check out the code snippet that you’ll need to add.

To add the code to your WordPress site, you can:

Add it to your child theme’s functions.php file (make sure to you use a child theme because if you don’t, your code will disappear the next time you update your WordPress theme).

To do this, you can either use an FTP client or the built in WordPress file editor:

Use a plugin like Code Snippets, which most people find to be a more convenient way to manage code.

Using this plugin also ensures that you won’t lose your duplicate page functionality if you ever switch WordPress themes in the future.

Navigate to plugins, select add new and search for it to install it:

Once you have activated the plugin, navigate to snippets, select add new and then proceed to paste the code.

Give it a title and save changes.

Now you can comfortably duplicate your post and pages on WordPress.

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