How To Clone A Website Onto A New Domain Name

Aug 30, 2020

Add Your New Domain Name

If you want to clone an existing website to a new domain name, you need to add the new domain as an addon domain, as explained here

Additionally, you can clone an existing website to a subdomain if you’d like to work on it during development. To add a subdomain, follow the steps here.

Once the new domain name exists on your account as an addon domain or subdomain, log in to your AccountCenter Client Area, select your service, and click the WordPress Tools option under the Quick Shortcuts section:

This will take you directly to your WordPress Manager where you can clone your WordPress applications:

Cloning Website

Click the arrow icon on the right side of your WordPress application to expand options:

Next, click the Clone button on the bottom to start the process:


Next, fill in the following fields:

  • Protocol: https:// (this is set by default)
  • Domain: Your new addon domain name or subdomain (in our example, we’ll use
  • Toggle the Disable Search Engine Visibility option if needed

Clone Installation

Click the Clone Installation button when ready:

The system will show the cloning progress in real-time:

And notify you once the process is completed:

That’s it! You’ve successfully cloned an existing website to a new domain name.